I watch too much TV. I read a lot. I knit a lot.
{ wear }
{ wear }

Loving today’s colors on the #crochet blanket. on Flickr.
Laptop is here!  (Taken with instagram)
Taken with instagram
Snuggles (Taken with instagram)
Taken with instagram
I just conquered this blanket. I don’t really like the bed, I keep dragging it into the middle of the room.  (Taken with instagram)
I chase my tail & make my people laugh. (Taken with instagram)
Look (Taken with instagram)
Just hung the hook up for Mister Dog’s leash. Notice the fancy built-in flashlight & poop bag holder.  (Taken with instagram)
From yesterday (Taken with instagram)
I finally finished the back of this sweater last night.  (Taken with instagram)

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